Appraisal Consulting Group provides honest and ethical appraisals for Carolina County

Honest and ethical appraisals


We think of our business as a profession. Requirements to become a licensed appraiser have increased more than ever before. So it goes without question in this day and age that real estate appraisal can certainly be dubbed a profession rather than a trade. As with any profession we have a strict ethical code.


We have a great deal of obligations as appraisers, but our main duty is to our clients.

The appraisers are typically limited to only disclosing information to their clients. Other obligations include accurate calculations appropriate to the scope of the report, acquiring and sustaining a certain level of competency and education, and the appraiser must conduct him or herself as a professional. Here at Appraisal Consulting Group, we take these ethical responsibilities very seriously.


Appraisal Consulting Group has worked hard for its reputation for performing competent and ethically superior appraisals. To learn more, contact us.


We meet or exceed the industry standards and mandates set in place for ethics. We won't accept anything less from ourselves. Doing assignments where our fee is dependent on our value conclusion is never an option. In other words, we don't agree to do an appraisal report and base our pay upon coming up with a particular value conclusion.

With Appraisal Consulting Group, you can be assured of 100 percent ethical, honest service.